About Me

I began my astrological studies with Pat Kaluza in 2013 focusing on natal chart interpretation, transits and secondary progressions. I have also self-educated by reading books by Deborah Holding, Martin Gansten, Robert Hand and studying translations of ancient texts, Bonatti, J. M. Morin, William Lilly to name a few.

I have a Horary Astrology Practitioners Certificate from the School of Traditional Astrology. Horary Astrology answers questions. Pose a question and a chart is cast. This ancient form of divination can be used to find missing things or look deeper into relationship dilemmas or questions concerning jobs or career, health, family, finances. Any sincere question can be asked.

I am also a visual artist. I work in oil painting, land art installation and performance art.

I am committed to practicing astrology as a way to enhance personal growth and open creativity. Helping my clients harmonize their creative energy with the flow of the cosmos brings me great joy.

Julie Jao O'Baoighill
Julie Jao O'Baoighill

I use both modern and traditional astrological techniques and the Regiomontanus house system. Each reading is unique. We can focus on now, the year ahead or past patterns. I look at a chart for the moment of consultation and see what is highlighted. Current transits, solar return and secondary progressions give further insight and emphasis. As the big picture comes into view so do the specifics of current choices. Is it time to take action or wait it out? The stars help us decide.