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Mars – Venus Conjunction Feb 2024

February 15, 2024

Mars has just entered Aquarius and will conjunct Venus at 1 AM Central Time on February 22. Both planets are symbolize passion yet Mars is how we fight or take action and Venus is more about relationships and how we draw things to us. Pluto, symbolic of power and transformation, intensifies the energy of this conjunction. The question to ask is: how can I take action and also attract what I desire? This conjunction will be felt most strongly by people who have personal planets in fixed signs or air signs at or around 7° in their natal chart. Air signs will flow with this energy. The fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, may resist change but the friction inherent in that resistance can create energy. Learning to work with who you are, a continuing theme in life is also at the forefront of Natal Astrology. My personal feeling is that this will be a great day to take action, but be careful not to be too much in your head as air signs…

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Moon Out of Bounds

August 31, 2023

Star Gazer Update This is a semi-irregular blog on what’s happening in the cosmos. What can be seen? When can you see it? Will it effect you and why? Don’t miss anything: subscribe to my email list. Times, dates and visibility are specific for Minneapolis Minnesota USA. If you’re in another location check time and date dot com. The Moon out of Bounds To explain how the Moon goes out of bounds we need to get some basic astronomy out of the way. When a planet rises exactly on the equator it is said to be at 0° declination. The Sun and Moon as well as every other planet cross this point at some time in their orbit and when they do they are either at 0° Aries or 0° Libra. The farthest North the Sun travels is a point called the tropic of Cancer (23.5°) which it hits once a year at the Summer solstice. The farthest South the Sun travels is at the tropic of Capricorn (-23.5°) which it hits every year at…

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