Natal Chart Consultation

Let’s look at how the planets aligned at the moment you were born to discover your talents and purpose. We will also look at current transits and progressions for the upcoming year. The better you know yourself; the better you'll be at aligning yourself with the flow of the cosmos.

60 minutes $ 120

Click below to send email and request a consultation. I do readings Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 10 am, 2pm or 7pm. Please include requested date and time. Also include birth date, time and place. Thanks!

Horary Consultation

Horary astrology gives a clear answer to a specific question. A chart is cast at the moment the astrologer understands the query. This is an ancient practice useful for questions concerning relationships, career, legal problems, missing items, health concerns and financial matters. I have a Horary Practitioners Certificate from The School of Traditional Astrology.

$ 65

If you are not sure if your concern would make a “good horary” question contact me to discuss it. Click below to send an email with your question or for more information. All emails answered within 48 hours. No charge if your question is not answered.